Nems or bricks? that is the question

[LOVE TIP 30′] I’m sharing an easy but maxi rewarding recipe! Compared to regular nems you could even prepare this one with closed eyes. Plus no deep-fry which makes it all the more easy and healthy

Nem ou brick de thon frais

Nem ou brick de thon frais

Brick sheets are commonly used in Northern African-middle East cuisine. For me they are a little bit like coconut milk.. Because they are easy to stock, can be used for sweet and savoury dishes and change everything!

I happened to have frozen tuna, tons of tuna. But with this cold weather I wanted to indulge a bit and also craved something hot (so not ceviche!..). This recipe came to my mind. Instead of using canned tuna, I used “fresh” one with some Asian flavourings.. it was absolutely delicious! Try it!

For 15 nems/bricks:

Seasoning makes it all : 2 ss of olive oil, 1,5 ts of soy sauce, 1 ts of mirin, 2 grated cloves of garlic, cilantro, 1 pinch of grated ginger, pepper or  shishimi toragashi (Japanese 7 spices) 

Dipping sauce:  3 ts of soy sauce, 2 ss of black vinegar, 1 ts of sri racha, cilantro (optional) . you can replace black rice vinegar with balsamic or lime juice.

and of course : 5 brick sheets, 300 g of fresh tuna, cilantro, neutral oil

1. Cut the tuna is small pieces

2. Season with all the listed ingredients; mix well

3 Cut every sheet of brick in 3 lateral bands. Place a soup spoon of tuna, and close in triangles, to be rolled over one another. When you reach the end of the band simply fold the remaining piece of brick . Check this video (in French) that I found of traditional tuna brick recipe to see the folding:

4 Preheat the oven at 6-7. Oil slightly each nem/brick recto verso and bake for 8-10 minutes

5 Serve with the dipping sauce, salad, fresh herbs, pickles. If your nems/bricks are not too fat, you can even roll them into salad leaves before dipping.