Happy New Year! Chuc Mung Nam Moi! 新年快乐! #pheromone

[SNIFFKISS] Happy New Year of the goat to all! I prepared a special reminder list with a bonus for all the adventurers!



Reminder list

1- Don’t forget to wear something red

2- Don’t rush to your family’s and friends houses before having being invited to do so. On the contrary you may be THE trusted one they invited you : be the first one to enter their home so as to bring luck and joy for all the coming year

3- Don’t throw anything today. You may throw away some luck along…

4-  Burn some incense and pray with dedicated thoughts to your ancestors

5- On the menu “banh chung” for the Vietnamese, fish and noddles for the Chinese (as symbols of wealth and longevity). Banh Chung are  sticky rice- mungo beans-pork cakes wrapped into banana leaves, and simmered slowly for hours, which  gives them a really delicious aroma.

They come in square or long shape and are served with pickles. An even better option would be to slice them and golden them in a pan. They will be crispy on the outside and mellow in the inside. Don’t forget some seasoning : soy sauce, cà cuống and  pepper . Ok for those who don’t know, stay put:   ca cuong is the essence extracted from a kind of big beettle, more precisely it is its pheromone. Its flavour is very intense. It used to be very expensive and a real delicacy, traditionally praised in North Vietnam. Now thanks god it is artificially produced but I have a vivid memory of having seen a full batch of them as a child. I was kind of appalled ! Now you can boost your dish simply by pouring a single drop in a small bowl of seasoning. Try it! What a better way to start the new year with a dose of pheromone?!:)

6- Hong Bao, red enveloppes with new notes for children

Did I forget something? What have you planned for today? 

Enjoy your day! Sniffkiss to all!