Winter aromatic bouquet: aneth, turmeric and blood orange

[HAPPY VEGGIE/ LOVE TIP] If one day you go to Hanoi I strongly advise you to taste “cha ca”. It is a traditional dish with grilled fish where aneth and turmeric play a major role. This recipe inspired me the weekly recipe based on a vibrant and aromatic winter bouquet!

chaca2Whole sprigs of aneth are pan-fried like vegetables. They are served with grilled fish that has been marinated with garlic and turmeric. Add to this rice vermicelli, a bunch of aromatic herbs and you’re in paradise! It also traditionnaly comes with “mam”, a fermented fish sauce. I bet you would be half skeptical half giggling when discovering the colour of this sauce.. as it is vivid  fluorescent  purple! In a nutshell this stands as a vibrant and colourful dish…

As we are in the core of the winter, some light and colours are obviously welcome. So I prepared a quick sauce/marinade to pair a grilled salmon and crispy rice. I added some green radish for the freshness. Done!

cha ca

Sauce aneth-turmeric-blood orange:

2 ss of fish sauce, 1/2 blood orange juice, 1 clove garlic, 2 ss of sugar, 6 ss of water, 3 sprigs of aneth, 1 ts of curcuma (or better an inch of grated curcuma)

This sauce will be perfect with fish, vegetables, salad.. It is incredibly tasty and aromatic!

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