Lemon pineapple curd #raw

[HAPPY VEGGIE] If you like lemon curd, STOP, this post is for you.


But this  curd is a raw one, made with lemon but also pineapple, honey and 2 magic ingredients.

The first one is chia seeds more details here


Chia seeds will bind the fruit compote in a curd texture (and bring some omega 3). The main advantage here is that this curd is raw, so while exotic fruits lose some of their flavours when cooked, this pineapple will taste as fresh fruit!

The second magic ingredient? olive oil! Inspired by a recipe of 3 star chef Alain Passard who serves pineapple with a light emulsion of honey, olive oil and lemon. I have been prejudiced against olive oil in all desserts until I tasted this recipe. If possible pick an herbal green oil.

For a small jar

1/2 pineapple, 1/2 lime or lemon juice, 2 ss of honey, 4 ss of olive oil, 2 ss of chia seeds

1. Whip up the lemon juice with honey and olive oil like a mayonnaise

2. Mix the pineapple and add the emulsion

3 Add the chia seeds and mix up again. Let the chia seeds expand with the liquid. It will take 15 minuts or so

Enjoy! You can pretty much this raw compote/curd with pancakes, with yoghurt or use to further bake nice cakes..

You can also easily play around the recipe, replacing pineapple by rapsberries, olive oil by a combination of coconut juice with coconut oil.. Possibilities are endless and results.. Well.. As we say in French, une “tuerie”, litteraly to die for!


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