Time for green juice! #spring

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Spring is in the air in Paris! at last! 1st terrace with a nice green juice at  Bob’s Bakery with a green juice

Jus vert

Jus vert @Bob’s Bakery

If like me, you’ve had your share of coffee and feel tired at the end of the winter, now is a good time to increase your intake of alkaline food. Green juices are an excellent option. Within 3 days I have already felt a difference!


1- mango, spinach, banana (pic above)

2- cucumber, apple, celery, mint (one of my absolute favorite)

3- salad (try it!), cucumber, fennel, banana, ginger

4- pear, avocado, lemon, salad

5- grape (unseed it before and go organic if you can), cucumber, kiwi

BONUS– because I am color blind, here comes a red one, loaded with anti-oxydants that will help you detox thanks to the beetroot : I use raw beetroot, rapsberries, lemon and ginger.  It’s absolutely delicious. 

Kale green Smoothie http://wp.me/p389oa-EA

Kale green smoothie

Principle : a fruit that will bring some good sugar and consistency (mango, pear, banana, avocado, grape…) and tons of green leafs. I use a plain mixer. You don’t even need an extractor. I know that cold-pressed juices are the best in regards to nutrients. But at the end having a home-made juice with all the fibers  in 5′ also seems  a very good healthy option to me. As you may have noticed, no recipe with kale. I must say that I find it pretty bad tasting in smoothies.. And salad has proved to be as good an option. But for those who would still be tempted , you will find a recipe here!

NUTRIgastronomie: Meat (esp. red meat), eggs, seafood and fish, wheat and most carbohydrates, dairies, alcohol, coffee, (but also tea and cacao), fat and vegetal oils are acidifying your body. During the digestion all these ingredients will release uric acids and/or cetonic acids. 

On the contrary, green vegetables, fruits, potatoes, bananas, lemon (yes!) are alcaline and will help you rebalance your body. Beware  all oleaginous (except almonds and Brasil nuts) are acidic. I found peanuts and pistachios are especially “bad” . Same thing for leguminous like chickpeas.

When your diet is too unbalanced creating a too acidic pH, you are more likely to feel tired and develop diseases. From the most chronic (tooth decay, hair lost, stomach cramps, back pain..) to more severe ones (cancers, ostéoporose..).

So get green and have a good week!

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