Happy Easter! Chocolat hazelnut pearls and pineapple brunoise



For all the bubble tea lovers, here is a nice twist for Easter, an easy quick tasty recipe!

1-Warm chocolate hazelnut mylk (I used Bonneterre’s already made one that I recently discovered and is very yummie). Add a spoon of cocoa powder to boost the chocolate taste. Mix with 3 soup spoons of tapioca pearls . Let it simmer for 10 minutes, mixing it slowly to prevent it from sticking. It will be ready when the pearls get translucid .

2- Cut 1/4 of pineapple in small cubes (“brunoise” as we call it should be 2mm size cubes) Set aside

3- To serve : pour the chocolate pearls in 4 small bowls. Add the pineapple cubes. Enjoy!

This can be eaten mildly warm or cold.