Sakura- sake-cherry ice cream, straight trip to Tokyo

[LOVE TIP ] If I had to pick up 3 fragrances/flavors to sum up Japan, I would for sure opt for matcha, yuzu and .. sakura (cherry blossom flowers) ! I was lucky enough to be in Japan some years ago precisely at the time of cherry blossom and still to this day vividly cherish these memories. By the way I can’t resit sharing with you some pics taken this year by a Japanese friendsakura JUnko

sakura Junko3Isn’t this amazing?

One of my friends brought me back recently some salt pickled cherry blossom. I have been wondering what kind of recipe I could come back with with such a special treat. And this is how this ice cream recipe emerged!

It combines the delicate aromas of cherry blossom with a special milky sake (brought back from Kyoto), with some fresh fruity cherries (home made jam)…

sakura ice cream

sakura ice cream

For 4: Easy but needs some ahead planning : 20 cl of liquid cream, 70g of condensed milk, 10 cherry blossom, 10 cl of saké (you can substitute with cherry liquor) , 3 ss of cherry jam, fresh cherries to serve (optional) 

1. Soak the flowers in fresh water and rince at least twice. Then let them infuse in sake at least for a whole night.

2 Whip up the cream into Chantilly. Add the condensed milk, the sake and the cherry jam.

3 Put it in the freezer for at least 3 hours

4 To serve, garnish with fresh cherries. This ice cream is also super good with black sesame ice cream!

sakura ice cream

So, are you ready to taste a bit of Tokyo? Let me know & enjoy your week!

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