Friendship dinner #KohSamui #SouthofFrance

[LOVE TIP] As life goes by I find it somehow more difficult to make new friendships. Is it the lack of time? or less flexibility to accept and welcome new people? In any case it still happens and I love it. I leave it to the magics of life to make this little miracles happen, and make sure I can nurture and feed – litteraly- these new bounds!:)

Yesterday night I gathered some very old friends with brand new ones. But the common point was that instinctively I felt I could totally trust and enjoy these new relationships.

The “friendship dinner” was made of a blend of Western and Asian dishes:

sour and sweet soup with clams, cilantro and thai basil
amok : a dish often eaten in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. White fish flavored with lemongrass, galangal, chili, simmered in coconut milk and lime. A blast, perfect for hot weather. To be served with green mango relish
back to the South of France for dessert with an apricot tart. The dough is very soft and mellow as it is a “briochée”. Cardamom makes wonders with apricot, as most of aromatic herbs such as verbena, lavender, rosemary.. Try it , you will never look back!

Amok: 4 portions of fish, 2 ss of red paste curry, 15 cl of coconut milk, 2 eggs, 1ss of fish sauce, 1 ss of sugar, 10 lime leaves finely shredded

Steam the fish, gently mash it with a fork. Add all other ingredients.Cook it in the oven (average temperature) for 30′. enjoy with white rice and cucumber/mango/chili relish

Apricot tart: 2 eggs, 180g flour, 80g butter, 80g sugar, 1ss orange blossom water, 1ss of yeast+1tsof sugar diluted in half a cup of warm water, 500g apricots, cardamom
Combine all ingredients for the dough and let it rise for 2 hours in a warm airless place. When ready arrange the dough in a pan, add the apricots, sprinkle with cardamom and sugar. Bake at 6-7 for 30′ Enjoy!

Sniffkiss and enjoy your week!