Summer cooking : tian provençal

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Now has come the time of holidays. I will share some of my favorite tricks to feed a family. For all those who want to enjoy their meals but not spend the whole day in the kitchen, this may be handy resources 🙂 These recipes have done well amongst young and adults, ravenous appetites and slim conscious alike 🙂


For 8 : 2 eggplants, 4 tomatoes, 4 zucchinis, 2 garlic cloves, 1 onion, olive oil and salt, basil and thyme

1. Slice thinly all vegetables. Of course you can squeeze preparation time if you use a cooking machine or a mandoline

2. Press the garlic and rub the plate. Then set all vegetables against one another. Eggplants will be better off if you take care to snatch them against the plumpy tomatoes, just saying!

3. Flavour everything with generous amounts of basil and thyme. Of course you can replace these herbs with all those growing lavishly in the South of France : rosemary and sarriette are good bets

4. Cover with foil and bake gently for 45′ at average temperature. Remove the foil and let it golden on top. You can serve this hot, warm or cold. Blended aromas, melting vegetables..this is exquisite and tastes like real holidays!

Add some eggs “en cocotte” , one of my favorite way to have eggs. All you need is small plates that go in the oven. Add some cream, salt, pepper and chives. Voilà!

Of course, no summer would be real summer without ham, melon and salad… You can call for help for these. I doubt anyone can make it wrong (I know I am the control freak in the kitchen and hardly let someone act without having me supervising.. well scrutinizing .. what they’re doing!:)

Enjoy your holidays and please share with me the great recipes you have to feed your loved ones! Sniffkiss!