Summer cooking N°3 Vitello Tonnato #FamilyandFriends

[LOVE TIP] Pursuing the summer cooking series, this week is dedicated to Vitello Tonnato. A delicious combination of veal simmered in a very aromatic broth (herbs, white wine..) paired with a tasty sauce made of tuna, lemon, anchovies and capers.

Not only is this a delicious dish, it is also easy and perfect to prepare ahead of time. As usual this recipe comes in a lite version where I cut on mayonnaise…


I served it with:

  • a green beans salad seasoned with home-made pesto of basil and almond (this is a good way to use the remaining okara when you are doing your own almond milk).
  • a potato, radish and chives salad

For 6: 800g-1 kg of veal , 1 onion, thyme, rosemary, celery, tarragon, (or use a ready made combination but much more fun to compose and adjust your own..), salt, pepper, white wine.
For the sauce : 1 tuna can, 2 egg yolks (cooked), 3 ss of capers, juice of half lemon, 3 ss of a good olive oil, 3 anchovies (here I replaced them by 2 ts of fish sauce…) 

  1. Simmer the veal in the broth (water with all herbs and wine) for one hour. Add the salt at the end only so that the meat keeps all its taste (if you add salt beforehead, the meat juices will aromatize the broth. This is pure chemistry..)
  2. Let the meal cool down in the broth. FYI some like to cook additional veggies to serve in the broth : carrots, potatoes.. But they need in that case to be added once meat has already started to cook.
  3. Wrap the meat in cellophane paper and keep it in the fridge,  overnight would even be better.

4. Sauce : Mix the smashed tuna with the egg yolks (already cooked!), anchovies, olive oil and 1 generous cup of broth. At this stage I totally skip the mayonnaise and would rather give some texture by the tuna and egg yolks. Season to your taste with salt and lemon (beware capers are already sour). Don’t forget a generous dose of pepper.

5. To serve: Slice the meat thinly and cover with sauce. Enjoy!

For the homemade pesto, I used okara : the almond leftover when you do your almond milk, added a garlic clove, basil, olive oil and salt. Parmigianno could be added of course, but it is already delicious as is! Try it, totally worth it !: )

Holidays are over… I took back a small bouquet from the garden : verbena, thyme, rosemary, tarragon, lavender, figs leaves and some green tomatotes… This smells of sun and South of France. Along with the Santa Maria Novella soaps  this will be the Summer 2015 fragrance.. What about you? What will be this year fragrance memories? 

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