End of summer brunch : Girolles and persillade in puff pastry

[HAPPY VEGGIE] The summer is leaving day after day. Last week I caught a glimpse of a girl wearing tights in the subway. Some crimson leaves have appeared here and there on the pavement. I have to shun clouds and heavy rains in the evening… But on the bright side plums and figs brighten the market stalls, along with the first girolles…

Staying synchronized with the seasons helps me welcoming the time going by..

For this birthday brunch I ended spending much more time than planned in the kitchen , but it was also because one idea called for another. I don’t know if you feel the same. It is sometimes difficult to just step in the kitchen and cook. But once you have started the energy comes in and you could stay hours and hours. Nothing new, cooking totally grounds, don’t you think?

In this super lavish menu, I confess I totally spoilt my godson who turns 15 this year (omg he is far taller than me now):

  • Several breads : baguette, brioche, granola bread. This is such a luxury in Paris to be able to try and taste wonderful breads everywhere . This time I picked Liberté. They have a stand in Galeries Lafayette Gourmandes and their own bakery in the 11th district
  • Homemade jams : apricot-cardamom and fig-thyme-lemon
  • Homemade tarama : this is so easy to make it is a total sin to buy the awful industrial thing
  • Red pesto with almond, basil and tomato
  • Quiche with girolles, spinach, parsley and freshly grated parmigiano. Pure heaven, I tell you… When it went out from the oven I had to refrain myself from eating right away and wait properly for my guests…
  • Chocolate mud cake with chocolate AND cacao… Frankly even licking the spoon took me to the verge of collapsing. This is a super rich chocolate cake but I keep preparing it for all birthdays, and it is always a hit 🙂
  • Rapsberries-litchi-lemon juice. I used an existing organic juice from Gayelord Hauser and added some fresh lemonade to make it lighter
  • Vietnamese coffee (of course!)

    Ingredients : 300g of girollles, 300g of spinach, 3 eggs, 10 cl of liquid cream, salt, pepper, parmigianno, 1 puff pastry

  • Wash the mushrooms and spinach. Cook them gently in a pan with some oil. Let the water evaporate
  • Mix the cream with the garlic cloves and parsley. Add the eggs, salt, pepper and freshly grated parmigiano
  • Precook the puff pastry for 15 minutes until it is golden
  • Garnish with the vegetables, the cream preparation. Sprinkle some additional cheese for the color
  • Bake for 20 minutes and enjoy piping hot!

This tart will be delicious with any mushrooms; The whole difference comes from the very tasty persillade. The green color also vividly contrasts with the mushrooms and makes it very enticing. You could replace the cream by tender tofu to make it lighter..


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