Vegan burger to die for! Be gentle to your body



A new bakery has opened in my area. After “Big Fernand” dedicated to French burgers, here comes “Monsieur Fernand”, its own bakery located rue d’Hauteville. Its front mentions “when you sleep, he works”. All right then, let’s check what they have in store…

Sandwiches, croissants, pains au chocolat, brioches, quiches, scones… and of course breads coming in all shapes and sizes… and burger buns!

Honestly, I am not the ideal customer when it comes to burgers. I eat them twice a year, once to do a market study (i’m serious!), another time because as a good foodie I really need to try the Big Fernand burgers (thanks to it , I slept all afternoon…). So I really don’t know why I decided on the spur of the moment to buy burger buns instead of scones…

I didn’t regret it a second because they were amazing : tasty, light, the sesame seeds brought just enough additional flavor. I could have eaten them right away, blank. But they were so good I figured they would be even better used in a proper burger, so I decided to save them and go for a vegan burger. Now you can indulge in burgers while still being gentle with your body!

Vegan burger. would you guess this is not meat?

Vegan burger. would you guess this is not meat?2 pains à burger

RECIPE for 2

  • 2 burger buns
  • guacamole (homemade: garlic, lime, cilantro, mint, cumin, smoked chili) 
  • 1 beetroot, 1 shallot, 300g of mushrooms, 200g of tofu, 1 egg
  • ketchup, pickles, soy sauce, pepper…
  1. Mix or slice thinly the beetroot, shallot and mushrooms
  2. Add the tofu and eggwhite. Season with soy sauce and pepper . The eggwhite will help stick all ingredients together
  3. Pan the vegan steack : 3 minutes each side
  4. Assemble : Spread guacamole on the buns, add the “steack” , layer gherkins and ketchup. Ready! Enjoy!

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