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Green tomatoes salad, pomegranate, mint and cilantro

[HAPPY VEGGIE] A fesh and aromatic bouquet featuring Carnet de saveurs et senteurs colours.. To wake you up and give you such a freeesh complexion ! Mix a combination of fresh leaves, slices… Continue reading

Thanksgiving : upside down pumpkin cake

[BONNE MINE] Special for Thanksgiving: This week I litteraly turn upside down the recipe of pumpkin cake..mellow but light and flavourful : kabocha and vanilla, pear in jasmin, salted butter caramel.. From Est… Continue reading

Detox : vineyards and wild flowers..

[HAPPY VEGGIE]: DETOOOOX! Vineyards and wild flowers.. Grape and aneth folwoers, black radish and flaxseeds.. Pick a very herbal olive oil..

Do you eat flowers?

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Savez vous manger les fleurs? Coleslaw revisité : Fleurs de menthe sauvage sur carottes et navet rapés

Matcha and rapsberries, tapiocal pearls

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Matcha and rapsberries…A kind of panna cotta , eastern version.. Pearls of tapioca simmered in almond milk, green tea, home-made rapsberry coulis.. Enjoy! 🙂 For Maeva – and all others!- as promised,… Continue reading

Vegetal sashimi

[HAPPY VEGGIE] La vie en rose : Pomegranate, beetroot and shiso, a Sashimi végétal recipe Antioxydants, vitamin C, oligo elements and oméga 3.. And you? what’s your pink recipe? Vegetal sashimi with beetroot, pomegranate, shiso… Trancher… Continue reading

Black and dark, there is hope!

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Blackberries and cacao… Anthocyanins  and endomorphins for” a bonne mine” Startover a bit rough? don’t be down, keep up !  Endomorphins from cacao for the spirits, cafeine to boost energy and and… Continue reading

A bowl of vitamins

[HAPPY VEGGIE] White carrots, thyme, lemon velouté.. A bowl of vitamins. One always combine carrot and orange.. here replaced by a combination of carrot + pear/beetroot, more synchronized with the season. Lemon brings… Continue reading

Happy Veggie

[Happy Veggie] Starting the beauty recipes : every Friday a happy veggie recipe, in collaboration with Ella Bache, to feel good and be beautiful ..