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Fruit salad #JesuisCharlie #NoussommeCharlie

Se rappeler que vivre en république est une CHANCE, et même si j’ai un peu peur pour être tout à fait honnête.. Je serai à République à 15:00, au milieu de cette grande… Continue reading

Millefeuille : Cabbage baked with apples, walnuts and spices

[HAPPY VEGGIE] If you’re a fan of “Tarte Tatin”, chances are  that you will like this “veggie” millefeuille made of cabbage, slowly baked apples , walnuts and spices.   I served it with an “Orloff… Continue reading

Seeds of happiness : lotus

[Happy Veggie] A sweet delicacy to end the year : try these lotus seeds. Lotus seeds taste like chestnuts, except for the fact that they exhale a delicate flowery scent. As a child… Continue reading

Stuffed shitakes with tofu, walnut and leek

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I just discovered a new dish in a small trendy Japanese restaurant (Ito located in the South Pigalle area) : stuffed shitakes with walnuts, tofu and leeks. It was so delicious… Continue reading

Vegan “pizza” and pecan pesto

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I If you find it difficult to have your greens, I have a recipe for you. No greens but 100% vegan… What do you think of my “pizza”? Perfect to stay… Continue reading

Fragrance to drink : hibiscus, rapsberries and pink pralines

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Je vous ai apporté des bonbons.. les bonbons c’est tellement bon… Do you know this song from Jacques Brel? I had lunch with some friends last week and was wondering what… Continue reading

Fragrance to drink: chrysanthemum petals, white peach and Earl Grey

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Not real summer anymore, not yet autumn.. What could we drink? I opted for a fresh floral iced tea water : petals of chrysanthemum infused with white peach pearls and some… Continue reading

Home-made almond milk and okara apricots cookies

[HAPPY VEGGIE] A lot of people can’t digest lactose (especially Asian). Hence plant-based milks made of almonds, walnuts, pistachios or cashews but also oat, rice and soy are excellent alternatives. But even if… Continue reading

Cook it raw in the bush…

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Holidays have officialy started! Want to celebrate with a glass of raw zucchini, nectarines, lime and harissa? I just arrived in the South of France and quickly check what’s in the fridge… Continue reading

Too hot? need some fresh air? Tomatoccino on ice! #ParisianNeighboursAreMyFriends

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Summer. So hot in here. Tomato mozarella, Burrata-tomatoes come back and forth on my table. Today evening my neighbour plays the piano, all windows open, pushing pedals calling for effects… I… Continue reading