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A mojito that wishes you well #superfood #acai #chia

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I will not comment on the Brasilian episode. Besides I am far from being competent for that : Neymar not there, 7-1, beer and cringe. This is about all I know about the match.… Continue reading

Mint-peas-coconut milk. Keep it simple?

[HAPPY VEGGIE] For those who get hungry but don’t always know what to cook, always keep a coconut milk can in store. Throw one or 2 ingredients and it does marvels : coconut milk… Continue reading

Tomato pesto, the thai way

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Who does not like tomato? Set the caprese salad on the side for a while and drop the ketchup! I have a much better version of tomato sauce. It comes like… Continue reading

Top 10 ingredients and recipes to lift up mood #superfood #goodmood

[LOVE TIP] Down, tired? stressed or depressed? Here is the best-of of ingredients and recipes to lift you up! 1. Omega 3  : in fat fish (salmon, sardine, tuna, mackerel, cod liver oil..) and some… Continue reading

The 8 treasures truffles. Happiness and prosperity in 15′

[Happy Veggie] It’s always a good time for truffle! Meet my East-West version where cacao gets to know the 8 treasures… Based on Bā Bǎo Fàn (八宝饭) which is the 8 treasures Rice served during… Continue reading

Fraud cookies with cacao, sesame and black beans

[HAPPY VEGGIE] When I hear “Cookie” I melt. Normal, this was my surname. More precisely I was called “crookie”, French combination of cookie and “croquer” (= munch), and/or maybe also cookie and “crapule”… Continue reading

Why and what eat organic? #DirtyDozen

[NUTRIgastronomie] Why eat organic?  You may not know it, but today due to the vast amount of pesticids and preservatives we ingest, our corpses don’t decay anymore… Sorry about this gore piece of news.. But this… Continue reading

Mango lassi, boosted with anti cellulite benefits

[NUTRIgastronomie] Here comes my home-made super healthy version of mango lassi *. It is made of cashew milk, no added sugar, some cardamom and anti-oxydant curcuma, and.. a slimming boost with 50 ml… Continue reading

Spring lasagna #RucolaFlowers

[HAPPY VEGGIE] This week while cooking it looked more like arranging a flower bouquet. The recipe I share with you stands somewhere between lasagna and spring roll. It reunites fresh and spring ingredients… Continue reading

Vietnamese salad : A drink to go

[Happy Veggie] Do you know Ajo Bianco? it is the cold Spanish soup made of grapes and fresh almonds..Less popular than gaspacho although delicious, I had promised myself to cook some one day. I… Continue reading