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Yuzu soba, radish, sesame and emadame #light #fusion #glutenfree

[HAPPY VEGGIE]  Pasta are not necessarily fattening.. Do you know soba, these buckwheat noddles commonly used in Japanese cooking? I discovered last week a yuzu version and could not resist. I already tried… Continue reading

Anti inflammatory food : the curcuma-walnut-ginger band aid

[HAPPY VEGGIE/NUTRIgastronomie] One week ago I badly fell and hurt my knee. I am going now through the classical path : IRM, doctor, physiotherapy… sob.. I received some very useful info : some… Continue reading

Home-made granola, step-by-step recipe

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Have you ever done a home-made granola? it is actually very easy, plus very rewarding to flavor it exactly according to your taste..It is also very versatile and Iam already thrilled… Continue reading

The ultimate brunch #LaFemmeParfaiteEstUneConnasse

[HAPPY VEGGIE ] Of course you know Bree from Desperate Housewifes. In France we have la “connasse” as named per the book ‘la femme parfaite est une connasse” . This could be translated… Continue reading

Absurdly addictive : Orange-raw cacao smoothie

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Want to escape the winter? One Sniffkiss a day keeps the doctor away …A pic, a tip, an inspirational thought, a kiss loaded with smell and taste.. Check daosniffkiss on  Instagram every… Continue reading

Nibbles and small bites to die for : candied tomatoes- smoked paprika

[HAPPY VEGGIE] On Friday nights dinner generally comes in kit to assemble… Collapse into the couch, eat fingerfood.. If it sounds like a good plan, read further! Candied tomatoes with smoked paprika and… Continue reading

Cashew cream, ginger honey and mango #raw #vegan

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Have you ever tasted cashew cream? Like a yogurt in the vegan world.. The very moment you’ll try it, you may well get hooked and want some more! Naturally healthy and… Continue reading

Detox AND Retox! Broth and epiphany cake

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Celebrations are gone! hugs and kisses and ever-lasting meals…. Now is the time for good resolutions to start the new year full with energy and serenity. This comes in 2 times:… Continue reading

Falafel, 5 reasons to fall for them! Story of seeds and cabbage…

[HAPPY VEGGIE] “Are we going to spend all winter eating cabbage and carrots? ” so was sighing a friend of mine. Actually some seeds and cabbage can do wonders !   Do you… Continue reading

Who wants some sun? Pineapple and island flowers…

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I brought you some flowers… pineapple flowers. They look stunning, are delicious and easy to make.. although you will need to be patient Start peeling the pineapple. There is a technique… Continue reading