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I love carrots… #carrotcake

[HAPPY VEGGIE] It has become so difficult to find good apples, I mean tasty apples like the ones you pick in the garden rather than the ageless almost fake apples .. Carrots have… Continue reading

Cédrat, figs and walnuts, a perfect autumnal combination

[HAPPY VEGGIE ] Do you sometimes improvise in cooking? bug and catch it back? Today is a very satisfying recipe because it did not start properly.. but at the end it was plainly… Continue reading

Pear, black radish and turnip glazed in butter. Thyme and lapsang souchong

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Tender chunks of pear, black radish and turnip glazed in butter, subtly flavored with thyme and lapsang souchong (smells of smoke) . This dish stands between a warm salad and a… Continue reading

1000 Vitamins,1000 Volts ou 1001 nights :3 smoothies to boost yourself or go to bed!

[HAPPY VEGGIE/NUTRIgastronomie©] Autum is here : less light, more humid. Now has come the time to pamper yourself, to indulge a bit with sweeter food, and start stews and soups.. Prepare hibernation (yes,… Continue reading

Miso..gynous leek in the kitchen… Let’s braise it!

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Because a good laugh can really make you happy, this (veggie) recipe will delight all those who believe ironing is not especially a woman thing; and that men able to iron… Continue reading

Maths for dummies…(Cauli+flowers)²= fusion butter

[HAPPY VEGGIE/NUTRIgastronomie©] Today maths, my way. Let’s count flowers and cauliflowers.. Multiply by butter bars, and you’ll get fusion garlic butter .. Hypothesis: cauliflowers are like fish, let them alone. They are much better… Continue reading

No more sun dried tomatoes? Try roasted beetroots.. with a hint of “bitter”

[HAPPY VEGGIE] How can you make the best use of beetroots ? raw in Eastern-Western salad  done, in root vegetable chips done, for vegetal sashimi look here… But roasted like tomatoes was still something to explore.. Roasting… Continue reading

East-Western automnal salads : bright yellow and earthy roots

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Back from the market I can only observe that automn has for sure landed in Paris. Even tomatoes are yellowish First chanterelles and mirabelles, carrots and beetroots, root vegetables are back… Continue reading

Home-made mulberries granola bars. Superfood on the silk road

[NUTRIgastronomie] You may know blackberries, but what about mulberries? The first time I heard of it, it was through a Lebanese friend . She used to climb up a mulberry tree to munch… Continue reading

Angel hair pasta, walnut pesto, red orach and shiso. The road to heaven is purple

[BONNE MINE] Indulge yourself and have these voluptuous pasta, the best I have had for a while; So delicious I could not help having them for lunch and dinner… Back from the market,… Continue reading