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Chocolate cream “à la royale”

[BONNE MINE! ] Cacao and spices … “Chocolate cream  à la royale” .. Forget the hare, keep the chai spices : ginger, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon… Chai spices to fragrance a dense fruit puree… Continue reading

Veggie puff pastry: mushrooms, kiwi and exotic agrums

[BONNE MINE!] Puff pastry with mushrooms . Sharpness brought by kiwis and agrums. This recipe is inspired from the beautiful book of P Barbot, chef at Astrance.. Some light delicious pastry to start… Continue reading

Sun “Mat troi” : face of the sky

[HAPPY VEGGIE] This Friday Vietnamese course is included in the recipe…” Mặt trời”:  face of the sky = the sun…If you don’t go to the sun, have it come to you. A proverb… Continue reading

Pump up the colours! pumpkin, zucchini and red berries…

[HAPPY VEGGIE] The winter seems endless.. and all festivities already gone by? Pump up the colours! Steamed zucchini spaghettis and roasted pumpkin.. Flavoured with olive oil fragranced with garlic and lime leave.. Sprinkle… Continue reading

Babydoll salad

[HAPPY VEGGIE!] Babydoll salad with girly colours, healthy and beautiful to start the new year! aux couleurs girly, saine et jolie pour bien démarrer l’année! Pink, the beetroot, red the cabbage seasoned with… Continue reading

Stop Nutella, healthier option!

[BONNE MINE/LOVE TIP] Stop Nutella! well almost.. In 5′ chrono a love tip to take care of yourself.. very sensitive area.. ouch! Melt  4 milk chocolate bars + 1 ts of almond paste… Continue reading

Fire! hotties it’s for you

[Happy veggie] Smoked tea and cumin.. A chimney fire in the plate… Marbled eggs with smoked tea and soy sauce. Cumin and Sechuan pepper sauce.. Hot spices warm you like a virtual fire… Continue reading

Snowflake.. Pomegranate and rapsberry, coco and jasmine..

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Waiting for the snow.. for now , a snowflake in the plate Lego style.. Rapsberry pomegranate juice, pomegranate juice like precious stones… Recipe  here

Autumn goi salad, a modern twist

[HAPPY VEGGIE] “Goi” in automn , a twisted Vietnamese salad : black radish, pear and carrot served with mint and cilantro dressing Vietnamese cooking features lots of goi salad : assortment of raw… Continue reading

Ginger cream and Vitamin C shoot

[HAPPY VEGGIE]  For all those who are about to catch a cold.. Ginger cream and Vitamin C shoot! I take care of you, kittens.. so today we reinforce our natural immunity with ginger,… Continue reading