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Fraud cookies with cacao, sesame and black beans

[HAPPY VEGGIE] When I hear “Cookie” I melt. Normal, this was my surname. More precisely I was called “crookie”, French combination of cookie and “croquer” (= munch), and/or maybe also cookie and “crapule”… Continue reading

Aromatic gems

[LOVE TIP/My MADELEINE] As it is rainy today I stayed home and combined some spices.. It is a very girlie hobby, like playing with precious aromatic gems… This blend combines – Himalaya salt: so pretty… Continue reading

Happy Birthday: iced red fruits cheesecake and cacao truffle meringue

[LOVE TIP] Double Birthday this week : the blog and mine. Sniffkiss turns one with spring and I celebrate my 20 forever :)! Double Bday, double cake! I looked into some of my… Continue reading

Home-made peanut butter and fusion salad #raw #vegan

[LOVE TIP] Once you will know the recipe you will never buy peanut butter again. It is so easy, you know exactly what is in there (namely no additive..) and it is sooo… Continue reading

Hungry? Fast and easy oat scones in 20′

[LOVE TIP 30′] I love scones. Either in their traditional sweet version with cream and jelly, or in the savoury one with grated cheese and seeds… It is an easy-fast-delicious snack to prepare… Continue reading

Gourmet gifts #cookies #madeleine #condiment

[LOVE TIP] This year I decided to prepare some gourmet gifts for friends. Savoury and sweet, est and west .. Everybody should be happy.. This is a special moment to express joy and… Continue reading

Do you like it hot? #kimchi

[LOVE TIP] Garlic, onions, chili, ginger, nuoc mam. Fatal weapon. To all those who claim ‘I like it hot, furiously piping hot..” To all those who smile and scorn at sprouts and herbs… Continue reading

Bánh bột lọc, a royal delicacy

[LOVE TIP 45′] It’s been a while I haven’t cooked Vietnamese. I amend, I play around for I lack time and room. Of course I have been doings tons of trials lately for… Continue reading

How a faux pas turns into meatballs

[LOVE TIP 15′] If I wanted to be posh I would say I am a “flexitarian” with a 80-20% consumption of vegetables- meat/fish diet. Which is quite easy as Vietnamese food is “naturally”… Continue reading

Peach of immortality… time to have them in salad

[LOVE TIP] Peaches come originally from North East China, and have been prized for their longevity properties. They are believed to sustain vitality. This may be related to the early blossom: Flowers appear… Continue reading