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Brussells, ma belle… You will love this gratin

[LOVE TIP] First gratin! you are going to love the smell of grilled cheese. Close your eyes, you’re in the montains, aboout to savour a fondue in a chalet… Tour de force in… Continue reading

Kale chips, a blond joke. Or how to swing your veggies into healthy snacks

[LOVE TIP] Back to work or school? stressed? feel like grabbing a full bag of chips in front of TV? NOOOoooOOO! Don’t do this. Do your own kale chips! In 30′, easy and… Continue reading

Californian roll with smoked salmon, mascarpone, rucola and sesame

[LOVE TIP] Pour la version en français sur cliquer ici.  After the maki comes the  californian roll. A fusion version with smoked salmon, cream cheese (or mascarpone), cucumber , rucola and sesame. Mellow and crisp,… Continue reading

Borage salmon tartar. A mouthful of sea

[LOVE TIP/NUTRIgastronomie] Cooking is all about love. Today I am using borage for the first time. I am sharing a fusion recipe of salmon tartar, combining sorrel and bean sprouts pickles. Subtly sour… Continue reading

Ramen maniacs…Tampopo and ramen burger stories

[LOVE TIP] Other than phở there is also ramen. Called  “mi” in Vietnamese , generic name for all wheat soup, noddles while “pho” et “hu tieu” come with rice noddles, and that “mien” are… Continue reading

15th August. No-brain meal and swiss specialties

[LOVE TIP] Hi my name is Nabila* and I spent 10 days cooking for a whole bunch of family and friends. Tried to please wild carnivores ( most severe cases able to swallow… Continue reading

Octopus roll and gaspacho, ginger and lemongrass

[LOVE TIP 45′] what about some octopus roll? I cooked octopus for the first time and enjoyed it. It is a kind of challenge to start from scratch:  clean, cut, peel (although am… Continue reading

Sweet dreams : Mille-feuille pastry… flowers and grass pillow

[LOVE TIP/ My MADELEINE] Drop herbal tea. Have a mille-feuille instead. Following the warm and professional advice of  la librairie gourmande -wondeful place, just go!- I have bought the pastry book by Pierre Hermé &… Continue reading

Virgin Ricard or Campari. How I (almost) stopped alcohol

[LOVE TIP 30′]  At least summer is here, are you hanging out thirsty? To deal with temperature I prepared a thirst-quenching hybrid between Orangina (agrums), Campari (bitterness), Ricard (aniseed). A blend of soft and… Continue reading

Redcurrant crumble, with oats, white chocolate and coconut

[LOVE TIP 45′] The redcurrants and gooseberries call me from the fridge. With their bright crimson red, they look like a handful of precious ruby. I am starting to crave crumble.. very quickly… Continue reading