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Snack. Aneth & zucchini croquettes. Smack!

[LOVE TIP] Green snacks in 15′ . Light and savoury. Now is the time for zucchini, plenty of them everywhere. With aneth in full blossom here is my recipe. These croquettes are as… Continue reading

Umeshu and apricot .. Fruity Chypre.. Mitsouko’s inprint..

[My MADELEINE|LOVE TIP] In love with apricots? longing to escape? Mellow and round, but also with a touch of darkness and mystery, the combination  cardamom-black sesame -blond caramel-umeshu takes me right away to… Continue reading

Good mood food or detox? The Butterfly sandwich effect…

[LOVE TIP/NUTRIgastronomie©] 15′ & wrap up the butterfly sandwich. Secundary benefits : detox/good mood.. Vegan or not, you pick! Vegan version : Make a  pesto spread with 1 s spoon of  white miso… Continue reading


[LOVE TIP] 45′ to roll these makis. They come in vegan version : shitakes, cives, sesame or for meat-eaters you can add some carpaccio..(then don’t forget to spread some wasabi on the meat,… Continue reading

Candied tomatoes and grape with rosemary, a tart – not a piece of cake!

[HAPPY VEGGIE/LOVE TIP] Cherry tomato tart .. is a home classic that I love to twist      ( see here my sweet and sour quiche) . This time cherry tomatoes, black grape… Continue reading

Bonus – bikini-therapy

|SNIFF KISS/HAPPY VEGGIE/LOVE TIP] I forgot the bonus! LOL        

Bikini “Petit farci”…Stuffed zucchini from Nice to Saigon

[BONNE MINE/LOVE TIP] Susanne says… how to get a bikini body?  put a bikini on your body! I say  you want a bikini body, eat “petit farci”! you know this stuffed veggie so… Continue reading

Linguine, rocket pesto and lime

[LOVE TIP 15′ 35′ 45′ recipes] So cold that a good plate of pasta is very welcome. A pesto beetween Est and West : rocket, olive oil, garlic, lime and tahini …30′ chrono,… Continue reading

New Years’s Eve coming

[LOVE TIP] Vietnamese New Year on Feb 10th this year.. More news hereby on coming workshops..

Festive menu, light and delicious !

[LOVE TIP] Hope you all enjoyed a merry xmas.. Sharing a light but tasteful menu. From Vietnam to Thailand, and back to France for dessert.. The menu : shrimp and potatotes cakes, my favorite treat,… Continue reading