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Black radish, tarama et gomasio

[LOVE TIP ] Yummie, good and light in 15′ chrono. Perfect for cocktail time or a light starter … Black radish, tarama and gomasio (salt and sesame) Radis noir, tarama et gomasio… Continue reading

A fresh salad : avocado, pomelo and rau ram…

[LOVE TIP] Freshness in 15′ top chrono… avocado, pomelo shrimps, mint and rau ram . An aldehydic mint with very long lasting effect..

Stop Nutella, healthier option!

[BONNE MINE/LOVE TIP] Stop Nutella! well almost.. In 5′ chrono a love tip to take care of yourself.. very sensitive area.. ouch! Melt  4 milk chocolate bars + 1 ts of almond paste… Continue reading

Pho express

[LOVE TIP] Pho express..30′ Chrono. The best way to warm and invigore yourself through the cold.

Chocolate Navasana

[LOVE TIP] For all those who held it in Navasana.. Chocolate cake.. 45′ top chrono! Mix 250g of sugar + 250 of melted butter (yes!), 200g of melted chocolate +3 eggs + 60g of… Continue reading

Aneth and cucurma, Hanoi in the plate

[LOVE TIP] Aneth and curcuma flavour thecha ca” traditional fish dish of Hanoi… In 45′ a twisted version with smoked salmon and cabbage, 500 Kcal.. Fresh cucurma, so inspiring .. Fresh and earthy at… Continue reading

Coffee, jam and mimolette

[LOVE TIP] 15′ chrono ..Vous zappez le petit dej? .. qu’est ce qui lance la fusée le matin?moi..café, confiture de mures de Suisse, mimolette (je sais sucré salé..) et c’est parti!

Lasagna! it’s the we!

[LOVE TIP] 45′ chrono. Tomatoes, tofu, cilantro and”mi xao” vegetables… Just love this dark tomatoes “de Crimée”, leaks, carrots, mushrooms, celery, zucchini. Vegetables of the mi xao. Those who know will recognize..

Agrums from far away

[LOVE TIP] Bouddha’s hand, lime, kumkat and other treasures… Finger lime.. Pink pearls of lemon melting in the mouth .. What would you do with it? just on some pasta or a scallop… Continue reading

Vietnamese TV set : com bi

[LOVE TIP] You like toasted bread, you will like grilled rice. Stock it.. can be useful.. here’s why and how ! 45′ chrono “Com Bi” Litteraly rice and very thinly minced pork seasoned… Continue reading