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From Provence to Turkey, a sweet and sour quiche

[LOVE TIP] 45′ chrono a 3 colours quiche  … Click on the pics for the recipe, enjoy!  Advertisements

Looking for the sun…

[LOVE TIP] Wheeeere is the sun ??If not in the sky, at least have it in the plate.. or rather in the bowl.. Yellow tomatoes  (“pineapple”, revelation of the summer , yellow zucchini… Continue reading

Ngo om.. do you know vegetal cumin?

[LOVE TIP] Vegetal cumin .. like a chorizo! I adore chorizo . Hot, salty, chewy and greasy.. I could eat a whole bunch , they are my candies.. Like haribos .. but full… Continue reading


[LOVE TIP] Honey.. Startover, take it smooth.. 15′ chrono! Under the shower  Rêve de miel de Nuxe.. How could I have some more of this gentleness, pollen and flowers along? A very onctuous… Continue reading