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Aromatic gems

[LOVE TIP/My MADELEINE] As it is rainy today I stayed home and combined some spices.. It is a very girlie hobby, like playing with precious aromatic gems… This blend combines – Himalaya salt: so pretty… Continue reading

Spring calls for sunny fragrances

[My MADELEINE] As days get longer, I enjoy each additional ray of light.. I am longing for a fragrant white flower bouquet, jasmine, gardenia and tuberose. Sensual flowers that evoke warmth, beach, voluptuous… Continue reading

Top 10 favorite smoothies. Because you’re worth it

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Because smoothies are always welcome I listed my top 10 favorite ones. They come in all colours, for all tastes and craves. Pick one! 1.Rejuvenating smoothie If you wake up and feel… Continue reading

Wish you a merry Xmas!

[SNIFF KISS] Wish you a sweet, tasty and fragranced Xmas!

White Spirit, a risotto that wishes you well

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? Here comes a white one, straight from the bowl , full ogf good intentions.. He is going to help reinforce your immunity for the… Continue reading

I love carrots… #carrotcake

[HAPPY VEGGIE] It has become so difficult to find good apples, I mean tasty apples like the ones you pick in the garden rather than the ageless almost fake apples .. Carrots have… Continue reading

Golden Blog Awards 2013. Support and vote for Sniffkiss…

[SNIFFKISS] Hi  everyone, it’s been one month this blog was officially born (on the first day of spring) Today I registered to  Golden Blog Awards to show up and introduce myself to a… Continue reading

Peach of immortality… time to have them in salad

[LOVE TIP] Peaches come originally from North East China, and have been prized for their longevity properties. They are believed to sustain vitality. This may be related to the early blossom: Flowers appear… Continue reading

Fragrances of fall: Swirl of leaves and petals

[MY Madeleine] I love autumn and its flamboyant shades. The air smells of leaves and earth. First chanterelles and mirabelles.. with their ravishing yellow and warm tones mark the start of a new term.… Continue reading

Happy days in a bottle. The top 5 summer smell & taste

[SNIFF KISS/My Madeleine] Don’t scream. I saw the first fallen leaves here in Paris on a beautiful Saturday. It just dawned on me then. This is going to end. Cringe. Hence to encapsulate… Continue reading