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Sweet dreams : Mille-feuille pastry… flowers and grass pillow

[LOVE TIP/ My MADELEINE] Drop herbal tea. Have a mille-feuille instead. Following the warm and professional advice of  la librairie gourmande -wondeful place, just go!- I have bought the pastry book by Pierre Hermé &… Continue reading

Watermelon, would you rather have a carpaccio or a tartare? Cologne or balmy version?

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I have no special bloody crave, I swear.. But.. watermelon would you rather have it in carpaccio or tartare? because – yes we can! Carpaccio comes with cucumber for extra freshness.… Continue reading

After elderflowers..the spell of lindenflowers..

[SNIFFKISS/My MADELEINE] What a bliss to wander in Toulouse this week end with all linden trees in full blossom… After elderflowers, I am now going to chase linden flowers.. They sell fresh ones… Continue reading

Umeshu and apricot .. Fruity Chypre.. Mitsouko’s inprint..

[My MADELEINE|LOVE TIP] In love with apricots? longing to escape? Mellow and round, but also with a touch of darkness and mystery, the combination  cardamom-black sesame -blond caramel-umeshu takes me right away to… Continue reading

The fragrance of childhood… Dish in translation

{My MADELEINE} Burnet amazingly evokes watermelon, THE fruit of my childhood. Lost on  memories and sensations from back there, Icame up with a dish, and even a fragrance in translation … I grew up… Continue reading

Queen of the meadow, strawberry peas and burnet crown. A childhood fragrance…

[HAPPY VEGGIE/My MADELEINE] Back to childhood! I am the queen of the meadow.. or the princess and the pea maybe.. Running wild, hiding, playing with precious cherries as jewels and picking strawberries, instantly… Continue reading

“La note verte” Gone with the wind- transposed in the fragrance industry..

[my MADELEINE] The newly released novel by Jean Claude Ellena is a page turner, litteraly. Although short it is very rich and calls for several readings and interpretations.. Gone with the wind, transposed… Continue reading

Fragrances of Siam.. extend the spell…

[MY Madeleine] All the following fragrances are strongly related toThailand feel and unique spell…In the air, in your plate or drink, on your skin… they are plenty divine and their combinations endless…(click on… Continue reading

Mimosa, breath of spring

[My Madeleine] Spring is so late this year… Seeing a splendid mimosa bouquet with its vivid yellow blossom I couldn’t resist for long! All the way back home people kept stopping me, mentioning the… Continue reading

Fire and chimney! the fragrance

[My MADELEINE] Following  smoked tea and cumin in the plate , 2 of my favorite fragrances to go through the winter :  Encens Voluptueux d’Annick Goutal and Feu de bois de Dyptique .… Continue reading