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Happy New Year! Chuc Mung Nam Moi! 新年快乐! #pheromone

[SNIFFKISS] Happy New Year of the goat to all! I prepared a special reminder list with a bonus for all the adventurers! Reminder list 1- Don’t forget to wear something red 2- Don’t… Continue reading

Cuon Bo Bia #Vietnam #ThanksMum

[SNIFFKISS] Food tells a lot about our personal journey and of course is so much than food. It tells about what our parents want to transmit, about love and care, about celebrating life… Continue reading

Fruit salad #JesuisCharlie #NoussommeCharlie

Se rappeler que vivre en république est une CHANCE, et même si j’ai un peu peur pour être tout à fait honnête.. Je serai à République à 15:00, au milieu de cette grande… Continue reading

Pancake party! the Vietnamese way : Banh Xeo

[LOVE TIP] You asked for it, here it is, the recipe of Vietnamese pancake : Banh Xeo. Litteraly sizzling cake to echo the sound it makes in the pan. It’s a typical dish… Continue reading

Pavlova with vanilla, tonka and pomegranate

[SNIFF KISS]  I have always loved pavlovas. They weren’t so popular in Paris before so my first memories of pavlovas are linked with Hong Kong and London. I recall having them there with mango and passion… Continue reading

Femme by Rochas : Roasted plums with cardamom, cinnamon and osmanthus

[My MADELEINE] Do you know  Femme by Rochas? This fragrance is still considered by most parfumers as a masterchief they would have loved to create, along with Mitsouko by Guerlain. Both of them… Continue reading

Wild garlic on scallop carpaccio, steamed helianthus with white miso

[SNIFFKISS] I discovered wild garlic when I was in Switerland. Its broad leaves look like those of Lili of the Valley (although more narrow. And beware not to confuse them if you try… Continue reading

Discover Mắm kho quẹt, a hip and addictive Vietnamese dip #FusionDetox

[SNIFF KISS]  Mắm kho quẹt! Do you know what it is? It is a traditional Vietnamese dip now totally hip. Like an Asian blue cheese : strong taste, strong smell, but sooo good.… Continue reading

Happy New Year! #CNY #Tet

[SNIFFKISS] Today is the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year (Tet). We are entering the year of the horse. Wish you all a very happy New Year! Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Xin Nian Kuai… Continue reading

Happy New Year! Seeds of love…

I wish you all a luminous and flourishing new year! With much love,