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Smell and taste, the top 10 wish list!

Dear Santa Claus, I have been a good girl and hope as such that you will bring me tons of gifts. I know you can read our minds, still it would be a… Continue reading

Gourmet gifts #cookies #madeleine #condiment

[LOVE TIP] This year I decided to prepare some gourmet gifts for friends. Savoury and sweet, est and west .. Everybody should be happy.. This is a special moment to express joy and… Continue reading

Discover Beendhi. Goa style tomato rice and pomegranate raita

[SNIFF KISS] I really fell for Beendhi who was introducing at Marjolaine its new ready-to-eat kits (you still need to cook them..) : spicy basmati ruce, tomato rice, dhal, kitchari.. Everything looked good, packagings are… Continue reading

Ghosts and kabocha from East to West..#halloween #jasmine pear #salted butter caramel

[SNIFF KISS]  Halloween and pumpkins are so popular now in France. I don’t know if you enjoy all the fuss ? As a child and living in the US I remember how excitement… Continue reading

Golden Blog Awards, the 10 shortlisted blogs

[SNIFF KISS]  Thanks to all who clicked and voted for my blog! Now I must admitt I’m a bit disappointed but happy (showing up, receiving your support, discovering new great blogs…) . Here are… Continue reading

SAVE THE DATE 4/11, I’ll be cooking @Entrée des artistes !

[SNIFFKISS] I am brainstorming on a menu of 10 very special Vietnamese dishes conceived for the 4th of November at  Entrée des Artistes (close to Cirque d’hiver)…A bouquet of aromatic herbs, a zest of… Continue reading

Sniffkiss turns one year!

[SNIFFKISS] Sniffkiss turns one year already ! One year that a first post on Facebook about honey dream and basil flowers brought some more light to my life, and I hope maybe some more… Continue reading

Happy days in a bottle. The top 5 summer smell & taste

[SNIFF KISS/My Madeleine] Don’t scream. I saw the first fallen leaves here in Paris on a beautiful Saturday. It just dawned on me then. This is going to end. Cringe. Hence to encapsulate… Continue reading

Borage, the vegetal oyster herb

[SNIFF KISS/NUTRIgastronomie] Do you know borage? Have you ever tasted it? It is litteraly a vegetal oyster. It tastes amazingly like it. Its aquatic facet is much stronger than the burnet which reminds me… Continue reading

Flower power

[SNIFF KISS] [SNIFF KISS] the pre teens just called me a hippie..”what? you want to go for a walk to look at the flowers?!..pff” ” ok you can enjoy at the scenery” “but… Continue reading