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Switzerland in a snapshot

[SNIFFKISS] Switzerland.. Some habits are  engraved and take no time to come back …Feels like home again.. I could also add : lavender tea, some apricots jam (by Mme Suzy), cheese quiche, taillaule (a… Continue reading

After elderflowers..the spell of lindenflowers..

[SNIFFKISS/My MADELEINE] What a bliss to wander in Toulouse this week end with all linden trees in full blossom… After elderflowers, I am now going to chase linden flowers.. They sell fresh ones… Continue reading

Do you know Burnet? a hint of watermelon! and Eau d’Issey..

[SNIFFKISS/NUTRIGastronomie©] Back from market and kind of hysteric. Just discovered Burnet. Do you know this herb ? For me it was only a puppet name… To make it short,  it tastes a little bit… Continue reading

Top Chef – Chinese version. Foodie culture gets moving!

[SNIFF KISS] If you wish French Top Chef was still on, here is the Chinese version ..This TV show is currently a hit and features a cooking match between French chefs and Chinese… Continue reading

Bikini (and zucchini!) in Libéfood…

[SNIFF KISS] Libéfood encourages us to wear bikinis and eat petits farcis… yoohoo! Veggie column in Libéfood

Bonus – bikini-therapy

|SNIFF KISS/HAPPY VEGGIE/LOVE TIP] I forgot the bonus! LOL        

Bloodie scarlett sweetie in Libéfood…

[SNIFF KISS] Strawberry bloody orange carpaccio in Libéfood !.. so glad for picking it! Thanks a lot 🙂

Squeeeze! the perfect lime juice..

[SNIFF KISS] Do you ever feel squeezed? or milked?.. Revenge! this is the perfect way to squeeze a lime to the last drop… Chef Heidi Fink shares The perfect technique here  

Happy veggie recipe on front page of Libéfood today!

[SNIFF KISS] so honoured to be on front page of Libé food today with my post on raw food! Click on the following link for more  (in French!:)  Libé food… Namasté

Tokyo for tea?

[SNIFF KISS] What about a tea with a  toast ? so  Cute toast  by chipcococafe… I’d love to go in Tokyo for tea!