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Massive fraud on fish

[SNIFF KISS] Here is a very good paper from the Swiss newspaper Le Temps to help you screen your fish consumption and take care of your health.. Go to the market, vary your sources, cook!… Continue reading


[SNIFF KISS] Come with me in Dubai..Click on each pic for more details  

Happy Snake year!

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới ! Xin Nian Kuai Le! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Wish you all a very happy Snake year!

World acclaimed broth: pho

[SNIFF KISS]  “Pho”, the Vietnamese broth acclaimed in French newspaper Le Monde

Vegan and yogi (and chocolate)

[SNIFF KISS] I’m not a pure vegan.. some good proteins (organic/ethically bred) definitely part of my diet. But check this article from Fine Dining Lovers .. Temp vegan is the future!:) And by the… Continue reading

♥♥♥100♥♥♥- CENT!- ONE HUNDRED!- YI BAI!

[SNIFF KISS] ♥♥♥100♥♥♥- CENT!- ONE HUNDRED!- YI BAI! – Thanks to Tom , Christine and Jorge to have joined us on Facebook. Now we are 100 to love smell & taste, one foot in… Continue reading

Pure bliss!

[SNIFF KISS] 100% right and good. Pure bliss. For all those who don’t know his restaurant I warmly recommend it. A revelation when I discovered the place ! More here cet article  William Ledeuil, chef… Continue reading

Save the date

[SNIFF KISS] SAVE THE DATE! Cooking class @AC rue Condorcet 1/2 à 19h30 :Vietnamese ABC vietnamien (2h) , 24/2  9h30 : Fusion (3h).. You’ll discover eveything about pho, curry, 3 mints.. Pictures below.… Continue reading

Delicatessen with love

[SNIFF KISS] Love around the world!.. Enjoy the trip to the exhibition of  Gabriele Galimberti of authentic grandma’s portraits & recipes. Brilliant testimonials of food and love, of food and transmission, of food and identity..… Continue reading

Picture of the fridge

[SNIFF KISS] Picture of the fridgge.. Even more revealing than a girl purse.., don’t you think?  🙂 You are what you eat visit the Fubiz initiative