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Taste, hum, love .. FémininBio November 2012

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Culinary event..

[SNIFF KISS] Repérage de verrine + brainstorm = Compotée de poire jasmin au caramel beurre salé… Je vous emmenerais bien au paradis (n°54!).. A suivre..

Quay, food inspired by nature

{SNIFF KISS] Découvrez ! somptueux!

Shanghai market

[SNIFF KISS] Last day in Shanghai.. shopping day! we ended up in this market..Click on each pic for more details

Flowers, herbs, a shooting..

[SNIFF KISS] Wonderful shooting with Studio Cabrelli this morning .. Flowers, herbs, coming up next !:).. Maria and Dominique, thanks again for the pics! Love them! see you soon

Back from the market, end of autumn

[SNIFF KISS] Do you know parsley roots? A really nice discovery this morning at  Joel Thiebault..An extraordinary gardener who makes me cross all over Paris.. I miss Switzerland and its markets!.. The end… Continue reading

The art of growing vegetables… so graceful..

[SNIFF KISS]  Gala : Le légume comme un art“with Asafumi Yamashita et William Ledeuil.

Chinese pancake

[SNIFF KISS] You thought that the French galette from Brittany was the one.. well may be you’ll change your mind.. or not!

Tomato festival

[SNIFF KISS] The castle of Bourdaisiere (…the “prince gardener “..) opens its dorrs this we for the tomato festival.. Close to Tours… .. Anyone interested ? Click for details Festival de la tomate

Noodle conspiracy.. HK, Singapore, Shanghai…

[SNIFF KISS] Asia in 9 pics..?.. surprises, amazements, giggles, admiration… Love the name of this restaurant. “Noodle conspiracy”.. What a programme!..