Celebrate food around the world!

[WEB BANQUET] TO ALL FOOD LOVERS AROUND THE WORLD! Let’s start a flavourful year: a virtual table around the world to travel and dream together … We start with Anne Laure, currently in… Continue reading

In Vietnam with Anne Laure

[WEB BANQUET] Celebrate food around the world.. in Vietnam with Anne-Laure, lots of super healthy tasty Vietnamese food, (and yoga!).. Lucky you! Click on the pics for detailed comments..

Festive menu, light and delicious !

[LOVE TIP] Hope you all enjoyed a merry xmas.. Sharing a light but tasteful menu. From Vietnam to Thailand, and back to France for dessert.. The menu : shrimp and potatotes cakes, my favorite treat,… Continue reading

Black radish, tarama et gomasio

[LOVE TIP ] Yummie, good and light in 15′ chrono. Perfect for cocktail time or a light starter … Black radish, tarama and gomasio (salt and sesame) Radis noir, tarama et gomasio http://wp.me/p389oa-8x

A fresh salad : avocado, pomelo and rau ram…

[LOVE TIP] Freshness in 15′ top chrono… avocado, pomelo shrimps, mint and rau ram . An aldehydic mint with very long lasting effect..

Stop Nutella, healthier option!

[BONNE MINE/LOVE TIP] Stop Nutella! well almost.. In 5′ chrono a love tip to take care of yourself.. very sensitive area.. ouch! Melt  4 milk chocolate bars + 1 ts of almond paste… Continue reading

Delicatessen with love

[SNIFF KISS] Love around the world!.. Enjoy the trip to the exhibition of  Gabriele Galimberti of authentic grandma’s portraits & recipes. Brilliant testimonials of food and love, of food and transmission, of food and identity..… Continue reading

Fire and chimney! the fragrance

[My MADELEINE] Following  smoked tea and cumin in the plate , 2 of my favorite fragrances to go through the winter :  Encens Voluptueux d’Annick Goutal and Feu de bois de Dyptique .… Continue reading

Fire! hotties it’s for you

[Happy veggie] Smoked tea and cumin.. A chimney fire in the plate… Marbled eggs with smoked tea and soy sauce. Cumin and Sechuan pepper sauce.. Hot spices warm you like a virtual fire… Continue reading

Pho express

[LOVE TIP] Pho express..30′ Chrono. The best way to warm and invigore yourself through the cold.