Snowflake.. Pomegranate and rapsberry, coco and jasmine..

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Waiting for the snow.. for now , a snowflake in the plate Lego style.. Rapsberry pomegranate juice, pomegranate juice like precious stones… Recipe  here Advertisements

Picture of the fridge

[SNIFF KISS] Picture of the fridgge.. Even more revealing than a girl purse.., don’t you think?  🙂 You are what you eat visit the Fubiz initiative 

Autumn goi salad, a modern twist

[HAPPY VEGGIE] “Goi” in automn , a twisted Vietnamese salad : black radish, pear and carrot served with mint and cilantro dressing Vietnamese cooking features lots of goi salad : assortment of raw… Continue reading

Taste, hum, love .. FémininBio November 2012


Chocolate Navasana

[LOVE TIP] For all those who held it in Navasana.. Chocolate cake.. 45′ top chrono! Mix 250g of sugar + 250 of melted butter (yes!), 200g of melted chocolate +3 eggs + 60g of… Continue reading

Ginger cream and Vitamin C shoot

[HAPPY VEGGIE]  For all those who are about to catch a cold.. Ginger cream and Vitamin C shoot! I take care of you, kittens.. so today we reinforce our natural immunity with ginger,… Continue reading

Green tomatoes salad, pomegranate, mint and cilantro

[HAPPY VEGGIE] A fesh and aromatic bouquet featuring Carnet de saveurs et senteurs colours.. To wake you up and give you such a freeesh complexion ! Mix a combination of fresh leaves, slices… Continue reading

Thanksgiving : upside down pumpkin cake

[BONNE MINE] Special for Thanksgiving: This week I litteraly turn upside down the recipe of pumpkin cake..mellow but light and flavourful : kabocha and vanilla, pear in jasmin, salted butter caramel.. From Est… Continue reading

Aneth and cucurma, Hanoi in the plate

[LOVE TIP] Aneth and curcuma flavour thecha ca” traditional fish dish of Hanoi… In 45′ a twisted version with smoked salmon and cabbage, 500 Kcal.. Fresh cucurma, so inspiring .. Fresh and earthy at… Continue reading

Detox : vineyards and wild flowers..

[HAPPY VEGGIE]: DETOOOOX! Vineyards and wild flowers.. Grape and aneth folwoers, black radish and flaxseeds.. Pick a very herbal olive oil..