Culinary event..

[SNIFF KISS] Repérage de verrine + brainstorm = Compotée de poire jasmin au caramel beurre salé… Je vous emmenerais bien au paradis (n°54!).. A suivre.. Advertisements

Coffee, jam and mimolette

[LOVE TIP] 15′ chrono ..Vous zappez le petit dej? .. qu’est ce qui lance la fusée le matin?moi..café, confiture de mures de Suisse, mimolette (je sais sucré salé..) et c’est parti!

Quay, food inspired by nature

{SNIFF KISS] Découvrez ! somptueux!

Do you eat flowers?

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Savez vous manger les fleurs? Coleslaw revisité : Fleurs de menthe sauvage sur carottes et navet rapés

Shanghai market

[SNIFF KISS] Last day in Shanghai.. shopping day! we ended up in this market..Click on each pic for more details

Flowers, herbs, a shooting..

[SNIFF KISS] Wonderful shooting with Studio Cabrelli this morning .. Flowers, herbs, coming up next !:).. Maria and Dominique, thanks again for the pics! Love them! see you soon

Matcha and rapsberries, tapiocal pearls

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Matcha and rapsberries…A kind of panna cotta , eastern version.. Pearls of tapioca simmered in almond milk, green tea, home-made rapsberry coulis.. Enjoy! 🙂 For Maeva – and all others!- as promised,… Continue reading

Lasagna! it’s the we!

[LOVE TIP] 45′ chrono. Tomatoes, tofu, cilantro and”mi xao” vegetables… Just love this dark tomatoes “de Crimée”, leaks, carrots, mushrooms, celery, zucchini. Vegetables of the mi xao. Those who know will recognize..

Vegetal sashimi

[HAPPY VEGGIE] La vie en rose : Pomegranate, beetroot and shiso, a Sashimi végétal recipe Antioxydants, vitamin C, oligo elements and oméga 3.. And you? what’s your pink recipe? Vegetal sashimi with beetroot, pomegranate, shiso… Trancher… Continue reading

Black and dark, there is hope!

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Blackberries and cacao… Anthocyanins  and endomorphins for” a bonne mine” Startover a bit rough? don’t be down, keep up !  Endomorphins from cacao for the spirits, cafeine to boost energy and and… Continue reading