Back from the market, end of autumn

[SNIFF KISS] Do you know parsley roots? A really nice discovery this morning at  Joel Thiebault..An extraordinary gardener who makes me cross all over Paris.. I miss Switzerland and its markets!.. The end… Continue reading

A bowl of vitamins

[HAPPY VEGGIE] White carrots, thyme, lemon velouté.. A bowl of vitamins. One always combine carrot and orange.. here replaced by a combination of carrot + pear/beetroot, more synchronized with the season. Lemon brings… Continue reading

Happy Veggie

[Happy Veggie] Starting the beauty recipes : every Friday a happy veggie recipe, in collaboration with Ella Bache, to feel good and be beautiful ..

Agrums from far away

[LOVE TIP] Bouddha’s hand, lime, kumkat and other treasures… Finger lime.. Pink pearls of lemon melting in the mouth .. What would you do with it? just on some pasta or a scallop… Continue reading

Vietnamese TV set : com bi

[LOVE TIP] You like toasted bread, you will like grilled rice. Stock it.. can be useful.. here’s why and how ! 45′ chrono “Com Bi” Litteraly rice and very thinly minced pork seasoned… Continue reading

The art of growing vegetables… so graceful..

[SNIFF KISS]  Gala : Le légume comme un art“with Asafumi Yamashita et William Ledeuil.

From Provence to Turkey, a sweet and sour quiche

[LOVE TIP] 45′ chrono a 3 colours quiche  … Click on the pics for the recipe, enjoy! 

Looking for the sun…

[LOVE TIP] Wheeeere is the sun ??If not in the sky, at least have it in the plate.. or rather in the bowl.. Yellow tomatoes  (“pineapple”, revelation of the summer , yellow zucchini… Continue reading

Rose and figs, dream of a garden

[My MADELEINE] Roses and figs.. If only I had a garden.. Since the beginning of the summer I keep coming back to figs fragrances..  Ninfeo Meo by Annick Goutal, Premier Figuier by Artisan… Continue reading

Chinese pancake

[SNIFF KISS] You thought that the French galette from Brittany was the one.. well may be you’ll change your mind.. or not!