Give me some extra taste! #vegetalbacon

[SNIFFKISS] I confess. I love bacon. As a Vietnamese girl I was raised with lots of pork : caramel pork, nems, banh cuon are part of my heritage if not DNA! Little by… Continue reading

Pavlova with vanilla, tonka and pomegranate

[SNIFF KISS]  I have always loved pavlovas. They weren’t so popular in Paris before so my first memories of pavlovas are linked with Hong Kong and London. I recall having them there with mango and passion… Continue reading

I want it strongly gingered please! The top 5 combinations and recipes

[NUTRIgastronomie] Heard this week-end at KB shop, the hipster Australian coffee located at the cross of rue des Martyrs and Trudaine : “I want my juice strongly gingered please.. How much ginger do… Continue reading

Femme by Rochas : Roasted plums with cardamom, cinnamon and osmanthus

[My MADELEINE] Do you know  Femme by Rochas? This fragrance is still considered by most parfumers as a masterchief they would have loved to create, along with Mitsouko by Guerlain. Both of them… Continue reading

Magic cake (3 layers) matcha-rapsberries

[LOVE TIP]  First mushrooms, first figs, first root vegetables.. and first soups are coming! Hence I could have posted on a celeriac-horns of plenty purée, a delicious bowl of banh canh (the Vietnamese version… Continue reading

Fragrance to drink: chrysanthemum petals, white peach and Earl Grey

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Not real summer anymore, not yet autumn.. What could we drink? I opted for a fresh floral iced tea water : petals of chrysanthemum infused with white peach pearls and some… Continue reading

Banh Beo, the middle path #Trungđạo

[LOVE TIP 45’/WEB BANQUET] Some dishes bring you back to childhood. This one reminds me of these pleasurable and endless meals on Sundays … Banh Beo trace back to the Hué imperiale cuisine (just… Continue reading

Home-made almond milk and okara apricots cookies

[HAPPY VEGGIE] A lot of people can’t digest lactose (especially Asian). Hence plant-based milks made of almonds, walnuts, pistachios or cashews but also oat, rice and soy are excellent alternatives. But even if… Continue reading

Grilled eggplants with lemongrass and other Vietnamese delicacies

[LOVE TIP/ WEB BANQUET] Some swear only by the 7-jour lamb. I would rather go for the 7-hour lunch. Count 3 hours to prepare and 4 hours to share.. hello Summer! Sylvie and… Continue reading

Iced cheesecake fragranced with midsummer’s night dream : figs, mulberries, avocado and lime

[LOVE TIP] Midsummer’s night dream : fig leaves, wild mulberries, rose petals fill the air with their fragrance.. What if I could capture them in an iced cheesecake?   I go and pick… Continue reading