Cook it raw in the bush…

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Holidays have officialy started! Want to celebrate with a glass of raw zucchini, nectarines, lime and harissa? I just arrived in the South of France and quickly check what’s in the fridge… Continue reading

A home-style Vietnamese summer lunch

[LOVE TIP] It’s Saturday, I have some more time to cook and go ahead for a Vietnamese lunch. Morning glory and bitter melon are on the menu. They are perfect for good skin (everything on bitter… Continue reading

Too hot? need some fresh air? Tomatoccino on ice! #ParisianNeighboursAreMyFriends

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Summer. So hot in here. Tomato mozarella, Burrata-tomatoes come back and forth on my table. Today evening my neighbour plays the piano, all windows open, pushing pedals calling for effects… I… Continue reading

A mojito that wishes you well #superfood #acai #chia

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I will not comment on the Brasilian episode. Besides I am far from being competent for that : Neymar not there, 7-1, beer and cringe. This is about all I know about the match.… Continue reading

Mint-peas-coconut milk. Keep it simple?

[HAPPY VEGGIE] For those who get hungry but don’t always know what to cook, always keep a coconut milk can in store. Throw one or 2 ingredients and it does marvels : coconut milk… Continue reading

Tomato pesto, the thai way

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Who does not like tomato? Set the caprese salad on the side for a while and drop the ketchup! I have a much better version of tomato sauce. It comes like… Continue reading

Top 10 ingredients and recipes to lift up mood #superfood #goodmood

[LOVE TIP] Down, tired? stressed or depressed? Here is the best-of of ingredients and recipes to lift you up! 1. Omega 3  : in fat fish (salmon, sardine, tuna, mackerel, cod liver oil..) and some… Continue reading

Glass noddles with artichokes and whelks in ginger lime sauce

[LOVE TIP] If you like linguine a la vongole, chances are you will love this twisted fusion version. Maybe you will think the link is remote but the idea was to have some… Continue reading

The 8 treasures truffles. Happiness and prosperity in 15′

[Happy Veggie] It’s always a good time for truffle! Meet my East-West version where cacao gets to know the 8 treasures… Based on Bā Bǎo Fàn (八宝饭) which is the 8 treasures Rice served during… Continue reading

Fraud cookies with cacao, sesame and black beans

[HAPPY VEGGIE] When I hear “Cookie” I melt. Normal, this was my surname. More precisely I was called “crookie”, French combination of cookie and “croquer” (= munch), and/or maybe also cookie and “crapule”… Continue reading