Why and what eat organic? #DirtyDozen

[NUTRIgastronomie] Why eat organic?  You may not know it, but today due to the vast amount of pesticids and preservatives we ingest, our corpses don’t decay anymore… Sorry about this gore piece of news.. But this… Continue reading

Mango lassi, boosted with anti cellulite benefits

[NUTRIgastronomie] Here comes my home-made super healthy version of mango lassi *. It is made of cashew milk, no added sugar, some cardamom and anti-oxydant curcuma, and.. a slimming boost with 50 ml… Continue reading

Spring lasagna #RucolaFlowers

[HAPPY VEGGIE] This week while cooking it looked more like arranging a flower bouquet. The recipe I share with you stands somewhere between lasagna and spring roll. It reunites fresh and spring ingredients… Continue reading

Aromatic gems

[LOVE TIP/My MADELEINE] As it is rainy today I stayed home and combined some spices.. It is a very girlie hobby, like playing with precious aromatic gems… This blend combines – Himalaya salt: so pretty… Continue reading

Vietnamese salad : A drink to go

[Happy Veggie] Do you know Ajo Bianco? it is the cold Spanish soup made of grapes and fresh almonds..Less popular than gaspacho although delicious, I had promised myself to cook some one day. I… Continue reading

Yuzu soba, radish, sesame and emadame #light #fusion #glutenfree

[HAPPY VEGGIE]  Pasta are not necessarily fattening.. Do you know soba, these buckwheat noddles commonly used in Japanese cooking? I discovered last week a yuzu version and could not resist. I already tried… Continue reading

Octopus fusion salad #ModernVietnamese

[NUTRIgastronomie] With spring now coming back, lunches are more often made of “meal salads”. I will share with you today a modern fusion octopus salad, which can be prepared ahead of time and… Continue reading

Happy Birthday: iced red fruits cheesecake and cacao truffle meringue

[LOVE TIP] Double Birthday this week : the blog and mine. Sniffkiss turns one with spring and I celebrate my 20 forever :)! Double Bday, double cake! I looked into some of my… Continue reading

Anti inflammatory food : the curcuma-walnut-ginger band aid

[HAPPY VEGGIE/NUTRIgastronomie] One week ago I badly fell and hurt my knee. I am going now through the classical path : IRM, doctor, physiotherapy… sob.. I received some very useful info : some… Continue reading

Wild garlic on scallop carpaccio, steamed helianthus with white miso

[SNIFFKISS] I discovered wild garlic when I was in Switerland. Its broad leaves look like those of Lili of the Valley (although more narrow. And beware not to confuse them if you try… Continue reading