Home-made granola, step-by-step recipe

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Have you ever done a home-made granola? it is actually very easy, plus very rewarding to flavor it exactly according to your taste..It is also very versatile and Iam already thrilled… Continue reading

Home-made peanut butter and fusion salad #raw #vegan

[LOVE TIP] Once you will know the recipe you will never buy peanut butter again. It is so easy, you know exactly what is in there (namely no additive..) and it is sooo… Continue reading

Spring calls for sunny fragrances

[My MADELEINE] As days get longer, I enjoy each additional ray of light.. I am longing for a fragrant white flower bouquet, jasmine, gardenia and tuberose. Sensual flowers that evoke warmth, beach, voluptuous… Continue reading

Discover Mắm kho quẹt, a hip and addictive Vietnamese dip #FusionDetox

[SNIFF KISS]  Mắm kho quẹt! Do you know what it is? It is a traditional Vietnamese dip now totally hip. Like an Asian blue cheese : strong taste, strong smell, but sooo good.… Continue reading

Anti-Cellulite Spring Roll #dermodietetic #diet

[NUTRIgastronomie] February! With spring in the loop, magazins are now all advertising the perfect diet.. and cellulite is a recurrent theme. Cellulite, we don’t want you, stay away! for this I am sharing… Continue reading

The ultimate brunch #LaFemmeParfaiteEstUneConnasse

[HAPPY VEGGIE ] Of course you know Bree from Desperate Housewifes. In France we have la “connasse” as named per the book ‘la femme parfaite est une connasse” . This could be translated… Continue reading

Top 10 favorite smoothies. Because you’re worth it

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Because smoothies are always welcome I listed my top 10 favorite ones. They come in all colours, for all tastes and craves. Pick one! 1.Rejuvenating smoothie If you wake up and feel… Continue reading

Happy New Year! #CNY #Tet

[SNIFFKISS] Today is the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year (Tet). We are entering the year of the horse. Wish you all a very happy New Year! Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Xin Nian Kuai… Continue reading

Hungry? Fast and easy oat scones in 20′

[LOVE TIP 30′] I love scones. Either in their traditional sweet version with cream and jelly, or in the savoury one with grated cheese and seeds… It is an easy-fast-delicious snack to prepare… Continue reading

Absurdly addictive : Orange-raw cacao smoothie

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Want to escape the winter? One Sniffkiss a day keeps the doctor away …A pic, a tip, an inspirational thought, a kiss loaded with smell and taste.. Check daosniffkiss on  Instagram every… Continue reading