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Vegan burger to die for! Be gentle to your body

[HAPPY VEGGIE] A new bakery has opened in my area. After “Big Fernand” dedicated to French burgers, here comes “Monsieur Fernand”, its own bakery located rue d’Hauteville. Its front mentions “when you sleep, he works”.… Continue reading

I want it strongly gingered please! The top 5 combinations and recipes

[NUTRIgastronomie] Heard this week-end at KB shop, the hipster Australian coffee located at the cross of rue des Martyrs and Trudaine : “I want my juice strongly gingered please.. How much ginger do… Continue reading

No more sun dried tomatoes? Try roasted beetroots.. with a hint of “bitter”

[HAPPY VEGGIE] How can you make the best use of beetroots ? raw in Eastern-Western salad  done, in root vegetable chips done, for vegetal sashimi look here… But roasted like tomatoes was still something to explore.. Roasting… Continue reading

East-Western automnal salads : bright yellow and earthy roots

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Back from the market I can only observe that automn has for sure landed in Paris. Even tomatoes are yellowish First chanterelles and mirabelles, carrots and beetroots, root vegetables are back… Continue reading

Vietnamese dumplings!

[HAPPY VEGGIE] This friday my version of Vietnamese dumplings “banh cuon”.. Very improved version because no need to spend the day in the kitchen..and of course delicious.. For all those who want it… Continue reading

Babydoll salad

[HAPPY VEGGIE!] Babydoll salad with girly colours, healthy and beautiful to start the new year! aux couleurs girly, saine et jolie pour bien démarrer l’année! Pink, the beetroot, red the cabbage seasoned with… Continue reading

Vegetal sashimi

[HAPPY VEGGIE] La vie en rose : Pomegranate, beetroot and shiso, a Sashimi végétal recipe Antioxydants, vitamin C, oligo elements and oméga 3.. And you? what’s your pink recipe? Vegetal sashimi with beetroot, pomegranate, shiso… Trancher… Continue reading

A bowl of vitamins

[HAPPY VEGGIE] White carrots, thyme, lemon velouté.. A bowl of vitamins. One always combine carrot and orange.. here replaced by a combination of carrot + pear/beetroot, more synchronized with the season. Lemon brings… Continue reading