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Friendship dinner #KohSamui #SouthofFrance

[LOVE TIP] As life goes by I find it somehow more difficult to make new friendships. Is it the lack of time? or less flexibility to accept and welcome new people? In any… Continue reading

Femme by Rochas : Roasted plums with cardamom, cinnamon and osmanthus

[My MADELEINE] Do you know  Femme by Rochas? This fragrance is still considered by most parfumers as a masterchief they would have loved to create, along with Mitsouko by Guerlain. Both of them… Continue reading

Mango lassi, boosted with anti cellulite benefits

[NUTRIgastronomie] Here comes my home-made super healthy version of mango lassi *. It is made of cashew milk, no added sugar, some cardamom and anti-oxydant curcuma, and.. a slimming boost with 50 ml… Continue reading

Umeshu and apricot .. Fruity Chypre.. Mitsouko’s inprint..

[My MADELEINE|LOVE TIP] In love with apricots? longing to escape? Mellow and round, but also with a touch of darkness and mystery, the combination  cardamom-black sesame -blond caramel-umeshu takes me right away to… Continue reading

Agrums from far away

[LOVE TIP] Bouddha’s hand, lime, kumkat and other treasures… Finger lime.. Pink pearls of lemon melting in the mouth .. What would you do with it? just on some pasta or a scallop… Continue reading