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Time for green juice! #spring

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Spring is in the air in Paris! at last! 1st terrace with a nice green juice at  Bob’s Bakery with a green juice If like me, you’ve had your share of… Continue reading

Detox week

This time of the year generally calls for some detox. Every year I try to pay attention, and every year I kind of overindulge! 🙂 But this year is kind of special. The… Continue reading

A home-style Vietnamese summer lunch

[LOVE TIP] It’s Saturday, I have some more time to cook and go ahead for a Vietnamese lunch. Morning glory and bitter melon are on the menu. They are perfect for good skin (everything on bitter… Continue reading

Discover Mắm kho quẹt, a hip and addictive Vietnamese dip #FusionDetox

[SNIFF KISS]  Mắm kho quẹt! Do you know what it is? It is a traditional Vietnamese dip now totally hip. Like an Asian blue cheese : strong taste, strong smell, but sooo good.… Continue reading

Top 10 favorite smoothies. Because you’re worth it

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Because smoothies are always welcome I listed my top 10 favorite ones. They come in all colours, for all tastes and craves. Pick one! 1.Rejuvenating smoothie If you wake up and feel… Continue reading

Detox AND Retox! Broth and epiphany cake

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Celebrations are gone! hugs and kisses and ever-lasting meals…. Now is the time for good resolutions to start the new year full with energy and serenity. This comes in 2 times:… Continue reading

Embrace bittermelon, and life is sweeter…

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Refreshing yourself with soup is possible In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) you have to balance your food in summer with intake of fresh or cold-nature food . You may think spontaneously of… Continue reading

Good mood food or detox? The Butterfly sandwich effect…

[LOVE TIP/NUTRIgastronomie©] 15′ & wrap up the butterfly sandwich. Secundary benefits : detox/good mood.. Vegan or not, you pick! Vegan version : Make a  pesto spread with 1 s spoon of  white miso… Continue reading

NUTRIgastronomie© : Manifesto for a grounded perspective on diet

[NUTRIGastronomie©] Are you sometimes overloaded with information on diets, rules and injunctions ? Sometimes lost at where to go and what to eat? Rather than rules, here are 10 guidelines to gain some grounded… Continue reading

Spring! time to (rock)’n ROLL!

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Here comes my version of raw /vegan rolls I love the fresh combination of cucumber and mint. Eat it, drink it, always works to purify and detox your system. To this… Continue reading