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Summer cooking : tian provençal

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Now has come the time of holidays. I will share some of my favorite tricks to feed a family. For all those who want to enjoy their meals but not spend the… Continue reading

Grilled eggplants with lemongrass and other Vietnamese delicacies

[LOVE TIP/ WEB BANQUET] Some swear only by the 7-jour lamb. I would rather go for the 7-hour lunch. Count 3 hours to prepare and 4 hours to share.. hello Summer! Sylvie and… Continue reading

Switzerland in Summer. Salted version. Zucchini flowers and roasted mini veggies

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Back from market, elated. Aneth in blossom, fresh lindenflowers, mini veggies so cute and fresh I could make bouquets out of them, zucchini flowers, marjoram. Switzerland in summer, salted version. A… Continue reading

Carnaval! where are you veggies?

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Carnaval ! my favorite veggies go out, a farandole from Japan to North Vietnam.. Parfait? Ice cream? Nope, Glazed eggplant with 5 spices, festive sticky rice with mungo beans.. Enjoy! Detailed… Continue reading