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End of summer brunch : Girolles and persillade in puff pastry

[HAPPY VEGGIE] The summer is leaving day after day. Last week I caught a glimpse of a girl wearing tights in the subway. Some crimson leaves have appeared here and there on the pavement.… Continue reading

Iced cheesecake fragranced with midsummer’s night dream : figs, mulberries, avocado and lime

[LOVE TIP] Midsummer’s night dream : fig leaves, wild mulberries, rose petals fill the air with their fragrance.. What if I could capture them in an iced cheesecake?   I go and pick… Continue reading

Cédrat, figs and walnuts, a perfect autumnal combination

[HAPPY VEGGIE ] Do you sometimes improvise in cooking? bug and catch it back? Today is a very satisfying recipe because it did not start properly.. but at the end it was plainly… Continue reading

Happy days in a bottle. The top 5 summer smell & taste

[SNIFF KISS/My Madeleine] Don’t scream. I saw the first fallen leaves here in Paris on a beautiful Saturday. It just dawned on me then. This is going to end. Cringe. Hence to encapsulate… Continue reading

Rose and figs, dream of a garden

[My MADELEINE] Roses and figs.. If only I had a garden.. Since the beginning of the summer I keep coming back to figs fragrances..  Ninfeo Meo by Annick Goutal, Premier Figuier by Artisan… Continue reading