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Tuna tataki with smoked chili, lime and garlic

[LOVE TIP] It’s incredible how a good marinade can change the game. I had some tuna in the freezer and wasn’t really motivated to cook it. But this recipe changed my mind. It’s… Continue reading

Mint-peas-coconut milk. Keep it simple?

[HAPPY VEGGIE] For those who get hungry but don’t always know what to cook, always keep a coconut milk can in store. Throw one or 2 ingredients and it does marvels : coconut milk… Continue reading

Tomato pesto, the thai way

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Who does not like tomato? Set the caprese salad on the side for a while and drop the ketchup! I have a much better version of tomato sauce. It comes like… Continue reading

Glass noddles with artichokes and whelks in ginger lime sauce

[LOVE TIP] If you like linguine a la vongole, chances are you will love this twisted fusion version. Maybe you will think the link is remote but the idea was to have some… Continue reading

The 8 treasures truffles. Happiness and prosperity in 15′

[Happy Veggie] It’s always a good time for truffle! Meet my East-West version where cacao gets to know the 8 treasures… Based on Bā Bǎo Fàn (八宝饭) which is the 8 treasures Rice served during… Continue reading

Fraud cookies with cacao, sesame and black beans

[HAPPY VEGGIE] When I hear “Cookie” I melt. Normal, this was my surname. More precisely I was called “crookie”, French combination of cookie and “croquer” (= munch), and/or maybe also cookie and “crapule”… Continue reading

Spring lasagna #RucolaFlowers

[HAPPY VEGGIE] This week while cooking it looked more like arranging a flower bouquet. The recipe I share with you stands somewhere between lasagna and spring roll. It reunites fresh and spring ingredients… Continue reading

Vietnamese salad : A drink to go

[Happy Veggie] Do you know Ajo Bianco? it is the cold Spanish soup made of grapes and fresh almonds..Less popular than gaspacho although delicious, I had promised myself to cook some one day. I… Continue reading

Yuzu soba, radish, sesame and emadame #light #fusion #glutenfree

[HAPPY VEGGIE]  Pasta are not necessarily fattening.. Do you know soba, these buckwheat noddles commonly used in Japanese cooking? I discovered last week a yuzu version and could not resist. I already tried… Continue reading

Octopus fusion salad #ModernVietnamese

[NUTRIgastronomie] With spring now coming back, lunches are more often made of “meal salads”. I will share with you today a modern fusion octopus salad, which can be prepared ahead of time and… Continue reading