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Summer cooking : tian provençal

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Now has come the time of holidays. I will share some of my favorite tricks to feed a family. For all those who want to enjoy their meals but not spend the… Continue reading

Do you like it hot? #kimchi

[LOVE TIP] Garlic, onions, chili, ginger, nuoc mam. Fatal weapon. To all those who claim ‘I like it hot, furiously piping hot..” To all those who smile and scorn at sprouts and herbs… Continue reading

White Spirit, a risotto that wishes you well

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? Here comes a white one, straight from the bowl , full ogf good intentions.. He is going to help reinforce your immunity for the… Continue reading

Maths for dummies…(Cauli+flowers)²= fusion butter

[HAPPY VEGGIE/NUTRIgastronomie©] Today maths, my way. Let’s count flowers and cauliflowers.. Multiply by butter bars, and you’ll get fusion garlic butter .. Hypothesis: cauliflowers are like fish, let them alone. They are much better… Continue reading

Pump up the colours! pumpkin, zucchini and red berries…

[HAPPY VEGGIE] The winter seems endless.. and all festivities already gone by? Pump up the colours! Steamed zucchini spaghettis and roasted pumpkin.. Flavoured with olive oil fragranced with garlic and lime leave.. Sprinkle… Continue reading