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Blanc-Manger with orange blossom water and pistacchio

[HAPPY VEGGIE]  If I tell you tartare and fries, pizza, beer and sausage, will you answer me testosterone and football match? Is this innate or acquired taste? Do you have to be a… Continue reading

Lemon pineapple curd #raw

[HAPPY VEGGIE] If you like lemon curd, STOP, this post is for you. But this  curd is a raw one, made with lemon but also pineapple, honey and 2 magic ingredients. The first one… Continue reading

Glass noddles with artichokes and whelks in ginger lime sauce

[LOVE TIP] If you like linguine a la vongole, chances are you will love this twisted fusion version. Maybe you will think the link is remote but the idea was to have some… Continue reading

The 8 treasures truffles. Happiness and prosperity in 15′

[Happy Veggie] It’s always a good time for truffle! Meet my East-West version where cacao gets to know the 8 treasures… Based on Bā Bǎo Fàn (八宝饭) which is the 8 treasures Rice served during… Continue reading

Tender-green cold soup, hope and colour therapy in action

[HAPPY VEGGIE] This is the story of a tender-green cold soup, tender like friendship, green like hope. A cold soup shared yesterday night on the terrace with friends, who kindly and generously tended… Continue reading

Delicious gluten-free madeleines. No sugar, no butter: possible!

[HAPPY VEGGIE/Nutrigastronomie] Tour de force : madeleine without (wheat) flour, neither sugar, nor butter. Looks like a  madeleine, tastes like a  madeleine.. What is in there? Can this be good? well, YES! soft… Continue reading