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Blanc-Manger with orange blossom water and pistacchio

[HAPPY VEGGIE]  If I tell you tartare and fries, pizza, beer and sausage, will you answer me testosterone and football match? Is this innate or acquired taste? Do you have to be a… Continue reading

The ultimate brunch #LaFemmeParfaiteEstUneConnasse

[HAPPY VEGGIE ] Of course you know Bree from Desperate Housewifes. In France we have la “connasse” as named per the book ‘la femme parfaite est une connasse” . This could be translated… Continue reading

Rejuvenate, the drink!

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Hi, I don’t know if you sometimes feel the same, but some morning I feel I am 100 years old when I wake up.. Here is my secret to  instantly rejuvenate.. you’ll… Continue reading


[LOVE TIP] Honey.. Startover, take it smooth.. 15′ chrono! Under the shower  Rêve de miel de Nuxe.. How could I have some more of this gentleness, pollen and flowers along? A very onctuous… Continue reading