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Vegan burger to die for! Be gentle to your body

[HAPPY VEGGIE] A new bakery has opened in my area. After “Big Fernand” dedicated to French burgers, here comes “Monsieur Fernand”, its own bakery located rue d’Hauteville. Its front mentions “when you sleep, he works”.… Continue reading

Bikini “Petit farci”…Stuffed zucchini from Nice to Saigon

[BONNE MINE/LOVE TIP] Susanne says… how to get a bikini body?  put a bikini on your body! I say  you want a bikini body, eat “petit farci”! you know this stuffed veggie so… Continue reading

Veggie puff pastry: mushrooms, kiwi and exotic agrums

[BONNE MINE!] Puff pastry with mushrooms . Sharpness brought by kiwis and agrums. This recipe is inspired from the beautiful book of P Barbot, chef at Astrance.. Some light delicious pastry to start… Continue reading

Lasagna! it’s the we!

[LOVE TIP] 45′ chrono. Tomatoes, tofu, cilantro and”mi xao” vegetables… Just love this dark tomatoes “de Crimée”, leaks, carrots, mushrooms, celery, zucchini. Vegetables of the mi xao. Those who know will recognize..