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Blanc-Manger with orange blossom water and pistacchio

[HAPPY VEGGIE]  If I tell you tartare and fries, pizza, beer and sausage, will you answer me testosterone and football match? Is this innate or acquired taste? Do you have to be a… Continue reading

Irresistible crispy pistachio falafels

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Easy and healthy falafels (baked ones ), filled with tons of super nutrients, are you in? Playing around a super recipe by Green Kitchen Stories who inspired me to add grounded… Continue reading

1000 Vitamins,1000 Volts ou 1001 nights :3 smoothies to boost yourself or go to bed!

[HAPPY VEGGIE/NUTRIgastronomie©] Autum is here : less light, more humid. Now has come the time to pamper yourself, to indulge a bit with sweeter food, and start stews and soups.. Prepare hibernation (yes,… Continue reading