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End of summer brunch : Girolles and persillade in puff pastry

[HAPPY VEGGIE] The summer is leaving day after day. Last week I caught a glimpse of a girl wearing tights in the subway. Some crimson leaves have appeared here and there on the pavement.… Continue reading

Nibbles and small bites to die for : candied tomatoes- smoked paprika

[HAPPY VEGGIE] On Friday nights dinner generally comes in kit to assemble… Collapse into the couch, eat fingerfood.. If it sounds like a good plan, read further! Candied tomatoes with smoked paprika and… Continue reading

Switzerland in summer, sweet version

[HAPPY VEGGIE/WEB BANQUET] Back from market : lovely gooseberries -so difficult to find in Paris, love them-, redcurrants, double cream, meringues…I’m sure you get an idea of where I am heading to. Even if… Continue reading